Sports Eyewear

Specialists in Sports Eyewear

Whether you are a deep sea diver or simply enjoy a quiet game of golf, the range of prescription sports eyewear available is extensive.  Each sport requires different features to be included in your eyewear to maximise the benefits you can achieve in your chosen sport and ensure you have the protection your eyes require. Cooke Opticians are delighted to introduce our exciting collection of sports eyewear. For those that require a visual correction and also enjoy and active life, there is now an easy solution! We carry samples of our sports eyewear in the practice and have models suitable for children and adults. Why not call in and our members of staff would be delighted to help you choose the fit, model and design of sports eyewear that will best suit your needs


Whether you enjoy a bit of fun in the swimming pool and sea with your children, or are competing at a more serious level, prescription swimming goggles will give you comfort and confidence by allowing you to see clearly in the water. Goggles are available in both child and adult sizes. Lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate material and are latex free with an anti-fog coating.


We currently have two diving masks in our eyewear range, one with a maximum diving depth of 30m, the other a maximum depth of 100m. Both masks come with hardened glass lenses to reduce risk of breakage from sea pressure. The also have an impact resistant polycarbonate frame.

Field Sports

We can provide sports frames with optimum eye protection and wearing comfort. Both frame and lenses are made from polycarbonate and some models have also been fitted with an inner side cushion and soft nose piece to absorb impact and improve comfort. Numerous sizes and colours are available in two designs –  one with an integrated adjustable headband and one with sides. These frames are ideally suited for football, hurling gaelic etc.


We have numerous designs of goggles which although predominantly used for cycling can also be used for Skiing, Squash and other racquet sports. All designs have a polycarbonate shield for impact resistance and maximum eye protection. Several designs have the option of interchangable shields so that your eyewear can be adapted to different light conditions eg sunlight or night cycling.


In addition to the superb polarized May Jim sunglass range which give a brighter, beautiful more vivid view of the world, we also have sourced the SWING. An insert allows this model to be glazed to suit most visual requirements while the unique lens shape and amber contrast filter give a wider field of vision and enhance your viewing of the fairway and green. The lens also has full UV protection and also helps block harmful blue light.

Snooker/ Table sports

Denis Taylor may have started the trend but there is no reason you can’t continue it! This large rimless frame with extra deep lenses which extend above the eyebrow, are angled to allow for an unobstructed view along the cue adnd to the target. Suitable for: snooker, pool, billiards, table sports and bowling.


With living so close to our beautiful coastline, sailing, fishing, paddle-boarding and surfing are all very popular sports. Of course the ever popular Maui Jim sunglass is ideally suited to our watery environs –  its waterproof, grease repellent surface conbined with high quality polarized lenses make it ideal for marine activities. We are also pleased to add the AQUA to our range. This light weight frame and combined with polycarbonate lenses offer improved contrast as well as full UV protection

Shooting Glasses

The large lenses of this classic shooting spectacle offer unobstructed vision adn can be used for :Skeet, combat, precision pistol competition or clay pigeon shooting. The lenses are from polycarbonate and are available clear, AC blue or yellow.