Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle lenses

Following your eye examination, you will be advised if there is a need for glasses. The type of glasses recommended will vary according to your prescription, your needs and your lifestyle.

A single-vision lens has one prescription throughout the entire lens. They are used in distance glasses or in reading glasses.


Perfect clear vision at all distances.

Varifocals are multifocal lenses, suitable for those who require a separate distance and reading prescription. The top of the lens allows for clear distance vision with the distance power progressing smoothly to the reading power at the bottom. Unlike a bifocal, this progression in lens power provides clear vision at all distances.

Are all  Varifocals the same?

Variations in design technology mean some Varifocals are easier to adapt to, hence choosing a good design is well advised. Better lens designs give a wider clear area with less peripheral distortion, allowing for easier adaption, focus and comfort.


The ideal solution for all single vision wearers under 40 years old. Tired of your eyes feeling tired? Eyezen lenses are enhanced everyday lenses, designed to reduce eye strain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices. Staring at screens all day greatly increases the demands on our eyes, causing many to have tired, strained eyes. Small pix-elated print and images on our phones, tablets and laptops takes its toll. Eyezen lenses use digital technology to reduce that strain, leaving our eyes more comfortable at the end of the day. The lens has a blue light filter, reducing the amount of harmful blue light reaching our eyes and further reducing eye fatigue.


Transitions lenses adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in the brightest sun. Unlike sunglasses, which have a set tint, Transitions lenses are constantly adapting to your surrounding light conditions. The constant and smooth transition allow you to see well in all light conditions. Transitions are also personalised to your style. No matter which glasses frame you choose, we can fit a transition lens. Transitions lenses are also suitable for any age, including children. They are available in a range of fabulous colours, making them not only a practical solution in variable light conditions but also an amazing stylish fashion accessory.