Children’s Eyecare


A young persons vision is very precious. Cooke Opticians are dedicated to the care and preservation of young eyes. Our children’s eye examination is more in-depth than a standard sight test. As such, we recommend regular check-ups to be able to identify any potential difficulties early on.

Children's Eyehealth

Your childs first eye examination?

There is a narrow window of approx 6 years between the ages of 2 and 8 when a child’s visual system is rapidly developing so intervention with glasses and/or patching can help maximise the potential for good vision in both eyes.  If there is a family history of a lazy eye (amblyopia), a turn in the eye (strabismus) or other congenital eye conditions then your child should be examined between the ages of 1 and 2. All children should have their eyes examined before they start school. A child will often not report that their vision is blurred as they have never known anything different and assume this is how everyone sees.

Complimentary frame adjustment service

Life can take it’s toll on children’s glasses. They mysteriously get bent, broken and scratched. Glasses that do not fit correctly on your child’s face will not deliver the best visual correction. If your child’s glasses are constantly slipping down their nose your child will end up looking over the lenses and not through them. Likewise if your child’s glasses are bent, the lenses will not be lined up for your child’s eyes as intended.  If your child’s glasses are too narrow they may end up pinching the temples or on the bridge of their nose.  The glasses will be uncomfortable for your child to wear. At Cooke Opticians we offer a complimentary frame adjustment service for all our patients … especially children!

Does your child have vision problems?

Some of the more common signs and symptoms are as follows:

  • Not being able to see the school board/TV
  • One eye turning ( may only be present when tired or ill)
  • Headaches, especially towards evening time
  • Holding books very close to their face
  • Eye rubbing or blinking
  • Complaining of double vision
  • Reduced attention span

Symptoms are not limited to the above so if you have any concerns our opticians will be happy to speak with you and advise on the best action. Any visual problem can interfere with a child’s ability to learn so early detection and intervention is essential.

Children’s Myopia

Myopia (shortsight) Control is the term used to describe treatments available to slow the progression of shortsightedness in children. At Cooke Opticians, we are happy to discuss the options of Myopia Control contact lenses and Myopia Control spectacle lenses.

Worried about your child’s vision?

If you are worried about your child’s vision or you think they have any of the above symptoms, book an appointment to see our optometrists as soon as possible.  The sooner any problems are identified the quicker they can be resolved so your child can get back to enjoying their vision.