Are you protecting your eyes from the sun?

In recent years sunglasses have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer. But did you know UV also can harm your eyes?

Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to significant eye problems, including cataracts and macular degeneration.

To protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation, you should wear sunglasses that block 100 percent UV whenever you are outdoors in daylight. Your eyes need protection even on cloudy days because the sun’s damaging UV rays can penetrate cloud cover.




Bespoke frame selection & lens glazing service

We can advise on styles that not only look good but also provide the best protection. Our new Essilor Visioffice will not only give you an on-screen image of what your chosen frame will look like but also demonstrate the advantages of selecting either a Polarised or Transition lens in your fabulous new sunglasses.

We can provide tints which have been specially developed for fishing, golf, target sports, driving, cycling, archery, tennis and of course sun bathing! Our stylists and opticians will be happy to assist you in your choice of eyewear – whether style or functionality is your priority!

We carry a wide variety of sunglasses to suit all budgets. These can be bought directly off the shelf or can be glazed with your prescription. Most of our sunglasses can be glazed in our in – house laboratory.


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