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Contact Lenses

For those who lead an active lifestyle, contact lenses are an ideal choice, providing excellent all round vision and
are ideal in all weather conditions. If your thinking about Contact lenses why not book our free consultation!

What’s involved in getting Contact Lenses?

During your FREE consultation, your Optometrist will discuss your needs and your
expectations. You will be asked a series of questions regarding your work, hobbies
and lifestyle. A variety of tests and measurements are carried out to help us decide
on the most suitable lens to meet your needs.

  • The health of your cornea will be carefully examined.
  • The selected lens will be assessed on your eye for fit, vision and comfort
  • You will be shown how to handle and clean your lenses
  • A further appointment will be arranged to check your progress and ensure you
    are completely happy with your lenses before ordering a supply.
  • Regular aftercare checks are essential to ensure your vision is at its best and
    that your eyes remain healthy.

Contact Lenses versus Glasses – what are the benefits?

Contact lenses can be a great alternative for anyone who wears glasses.


Do your glasses fog up when playing sport or do you find it difficult to play contact sport without your glasses?


Does rain impact on your ability to see through your glasses?

Alcon lenses

Would you like the freedom of clear vision, without the need to wear glasses?